The 'You Ukes Band' lead our regular You Ukes 'n' All Jam Sessions at The Three Lions on the 1st (featuring Jammers Roulette or Bring & Lead) Monday of the Month and other 'guest' venues.

The 'You Ukes Band' also lead the You Ukes Group (any members of the You Ukes Club) in our You Ukes 'n' All Sing-a-long Sessions at the various charity events and coffee mornings.

The 'You Ukes Band' also perform at gigs throughout the year. We play a wide variety covers from pop and rock songs, to swing and ballads. If you'd like to find out more, or book The You Ukes Band for your event, contact us through You Ukes (see details below).

The Band are David (Lead Vocals, Ukulele, Guitar, Mandolin - occasionally - Foot Tambourine), Shirley (Ukulele, Vocals, Kazoo), Caroline (Fiddle, Vocals, Ukulele) and Laurence (Cahon, Vocals, Ukulele).