Virtual Camping Holiday 2020

We had a fantastic time on our last You Ukes Camping trip in 2019 and we reprised the event during Covid in 2020, albeit online. We are planning to run this activity again, hopefully in 2024.

Immerse yourself in the

Joy of the Ukulele

Dates: Sunday 7th June to Thursday the 11th of June

Venue: your very own 'Lockdown' residence. Thanks to the wonders of the internet we will all ZOOM together from our own 'tents'.

Cost: £11 to £15 Inidivual Workshops; £100 for all group workshops sessions (all sessions on Zoom);

Full progamme includes 4 Beginners & Beyond Workshops, 3 Imaginative Musicality Workshops and 3 Arpeggio Afternoons.

Workshop activities included in the overall cost: Beginnners & Beyond with David, Imaginative Musicality with Caroline and Arpeggio Afternoons with David. Evenings activities, also all included: You Ukes (Famous) Jam Session, Ukulele and Folkjam, Performance Evening and Open Mic / Bring and Lead opportunities. Arrival party and goodbye party (BYO). Book Below.

We recognise that 'zooming' can be hard work, so we have built breaks into all workshop sessions. Furthermore, you can also book single sessions or particular workshops programmes if you prefer not to immerse yourself quite as much!

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