Just getting started with your Ukulele? Already playing, but need a little help? Caroline Homfray from You Ukes is here to guide you with some useful tips of tuning your ukulele, basic strumming technique and holding down chhords. Over to you Caroline ....

Caroline helps you 'Tune' your ukulele.
Always remember, Goats Can Eat Anything, so beware the GOAT.
For advice on Strumming and Chords see below.

Caroline with some 'Strumming' guidance.
This will get you started, but there are loads of rhythms and techniques you can learn to make playing your ukulele even more fun. In our Beginners Workshops, you'll learn a few basic rhythms and you'll learn even more on our Beyond Beginners Workshop. Currently, we have 55 rhythms (and variations) that we use when we play at our External link opens in new tab or windowClub Sessions and our External link opens in new tab or windowJam Nights. Now for some chords ...

Caroline with some sage advice on holding down 'Chords'.
As with rhythms (see above), there are loads of chords which you can learn which will help you play even more songs on your ukulele. In our Beginnners Workshops we learn about a dozen of the most common chords, you can then double this number and more on our Beyond Beginners Workshops. Currently, we include 60+ chords across our portfolio of songs which we play at our Club Sessions and our Jam Nights.