Before The Last Breath

Written by David Faraday & Shirley Faraday


What will we see? Before the last breath.

What will we say? Before the last breath.

What will we do? Before the last breath,

Last breath on earth.

Verse 1

Look carefully at everything,
Take in the beauty, it’s all around you.
You’ll notice what joy it can give,

Gaze at the sea and see the sunset.
And your eyes,
Oh, your eyes,
Yes, your eyes,
Won’t want to say good bye.

Chorus (see above)

Verse 2

Tell everybody what you think,
Say what you want, you might just get it.
Dig deep, speak from your heart,

Say the things, you always meant to.
And your words,
Oh, your words,
Yes, your words,
Might make us all unite.


The river flows fast,
We can do it differently.

The river flows fast,
We know so much.

Ubuntu, ubuntu, ubuntu.

There’s still time.

Verse 3

Stop! Consider what you can do,

Do something useful, make a change now.
Act with a conscience, it will make you smile,

Let’s pull together, and make a difference.
And what you do,

Oh, what you do,

Yes, what you do,
Will make you feel just right.

Chorus (see above)

Chorus (see above)