How Dare You

Lyrics by David Faraday

Based on the tune of Daydream Believer, written by John Stewart

Verse 1

You can hide behind the lies,

Deny the facts before your eyes,

But the climate change alarm, it still rings.
And it rings, while you hide,

From the truth you know inside,

That the planet’s dying slowly as we sing.

Chorus 1

How dare you steal our dreams,

Don’t you know just what it means,

When you just can’t believe in,

Those who could make it change.

Verse 2

You may still believe,
In fairytales spun by elites,
Just how much money do they really need?
Eternal growth is sought,
On a finite world you’ve brought,

To the brink of extinction by all your greed.

Chorus 2

How dare you steal our dreams,

Don’t you know just how it feels,

When you can see the future,

Under threat from all your deeds.

Verse 3

You may think we’re bad,
Some may even think we’re mad,

But now you know how sad, I can be.
And when these good times start to end,
No more dollars left to spend,

The truth, you’ll face it, just you wait and see.

Chorus 1 (see above)

Chorus 2 (see above)

Chorus 1 (see above)