I’m A Believer

Lyrics by David Faraday

Based on the tune of I'm A Believer, written by Neil Diamond

Verse 1

I thought climate change was just a fairy tale,

Affecting someone else, just not me.
But now it’s out to get me, that’s the way it seems,

Global warming’s haunting all my dreams.


Now I’ve seen the case, now I'm a believer,

Not a trace of doubt in my mind
But I’m in hope, oooo, ‘cause I’m a believer,

Not a deceiver, we’ll survive

Verse 2

I thought that extinction was an ancient thing,

Only caused by things from outer space.
But now it seems that people, they can do it too,

Creatures of the earth times up for you.

Chorus (see above)

Verse 3

Now I think that we must take a different path,
One we can sustain and gives us joy.
That’s a goal worth trying’ for, we don’t want the pain,

We need the sunshine and the rain.

Chorus (see above)

Chorus (see above)


Now I’ve seen the case!