Written by David Faraday


Verse 1

We have a choice to make and there is so much at stake,

What we decide now will set our children’s fate.

We can make the change we need or we can let the planet bleed,

What we choose now will be our legacy.



So be the change we need, let your values intercede,

Let your kindness be the reason we succeed.

Don’t turn away and hide, face the future now with pride,

Let your actions show, you cared, and that you tried.


Verse 2

And every day we wait and just anticipate,

If we delay now, we’ll seal our children’s fate.

We must recognise our role, to bequeath the natural world,

Let our choice today be our legacy.


Chorus (see above)


And generations yet to come, living with what we have done.

Look into their sullen eyes, they look back with resigned sighs.


Chorus (see above)


Verse 3

So, let’s leave a legacy, a world with boundless trees,

Oceans filled with life and plastic free.

And the air we’ll leave will be a pleasure just the breathe,

And the folk there will live our legacy.


Chorus (see above)